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ZONE360 is a functional training space designed for our members of all ages and any fitness level to improve overall health, and grow as a community. In a small group team environment your qualified coach will motivate you to meet and exceed personal fitness goals.
With a variety of classes offered, and the use of the Myzone heart rate monitor as a tool, you will perform cardiovascular and strength training exercises for a total body workout.
ZONE360 offers a wide range of equipment and postitive coaching to maintain accountibility, motivaten, and success for each members. Take the time to invest in you!

$15/drop-in class or $110/10-Pack (a $40 savings) or $59 monthly for UNLIMITED access to all ZONE360 classes (over $600 savings!) Add family members (must be age 16+) for just $49 monthly. For all classes, please register online or through the WSC App prior to arrival .






ZONE60 is the most efficient combination of strength and cardio exercises that will improve any fitness level. This effective class uses every aspect of ZONE360 to give you a dynamic workout.  60 Min Class 


TRX45 will use the TRX suspension straps to develop total body strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability while improving cardiovascular health.  45 Min Class


CARDIO30 will challenge your endurance and speed with the use of Treadmill, Bike, or Row Equipment. This intense 30 minute class will make your heart rate soar as you Run, Ride, or Row.  30 Min Class


STRENGTH30 will challenge your muscles in just 30 minutes! Get ready to sweat as you use a variety of resistance training equipment to result in a stronger, leaner you.  30 Min Class



BALANCE30 is a whole body, low impact 30 minute workout. This is designed to build balance, core stability, flexibility, and improve everyday movement patterns.  30 Min Class 


INTRO360 (Free of Charge) 

INTRO360 will introduce you to the equipment and philosophy of ZONE360.  Your coach will demonstrate and guide you through the cardio and strength equipment to build confidence as you move forward with your fitness goals.  30 Min Class



These classes are designed to push you to your physical limits. 


30-60 minutes classes which will focus on caloric burn as well as strength.


Equipment list needed for effective class will be emailed prior to class.


Sign up for the classes on the WSC App or


A minimum of 3 participants is needed to run the class, this will be decided 90 minutes prior to start of class.


If you need to cancel your sign up, please do so no less than 60 minutes to class start time.


This is a ZOOM meeting, the instructor will send you an invite to the class no later than 60 minutes to the start of class.

Need help with ZOOM ?


  Megan Fahey
ZONE360 Manager