Membership Faq

Membership FAQ

Membership FAQ




Q. How do I get information on memberships?
A. Give us a call or send us an email! Let’s set up your appointment to come see for yourself how great our Club is! 630.690.0887 x333

Q. What other benefits does a membership at Wheaton Sport Center include?
A. In addition to working out or playing tennis at WSC, you will receive:

       Tennis Members

Oncourt tennis evaluation. Contact Lori Mills WSC Tennis Manager to schedule your evaluation!
Individualized training on Tencap Tennis, Club Automation and general tennis rules and etiquette.
       Plus items 1-10 below!

       Health Club Members

1. Complimentary group orientation on our fitness floor.
Personal training consultation to help you reach your fitness goals.
3. Child care services for your children while working out or enjoying our Spa (children must be members).
4. Full amenities in our locker rooms in addition to lockers and towels.
5. Coffee to boot! Enjoy Papa Nicholas’ latest brew while relaxing or catching up with your favorite members in the lounges!
6. Steam rooms, saunas, executive hot tub! (must be 16 or older to enjoy)
7. Free WIFI in both lounges, including ample workspaces in our upstairs lounge!
8. Quick check-in with WSC’s keychain membership FOB, simply attach it to your car keys... get in and get going!
9. Beautiful views overlooking Elliot Lake in our Cardio area!
10. Great service, a friendly smile around every corner and a sense of community that is unique to WSC!

Q. Can I bring in guests?
A. Are you a member or member dependent age 14 and better? Then you are welcome to show off your Club by bringing in family and friends. WSC guest policies apply, one form per guest per day, every guest age 16 and better is required to present a photo ID at each guest visit. Please call membership with the specifics on your upcoming guest’s visit. 630.690.0887 x333.

Save some time at check-in!!....Print off the WSC Guest Form, have guest fill out, you sign and bring it with you and your guest when you arrive for your visit at the club. One form per guest please. Planning on more than one visit? A form must be filled out and submitted for each day's visit. Please remember you must be present with your guest at all times during their visit to WSC.

Q. Why are your membership rates not available on the website?
A. We offer many great incentives to join the Club each month. To ensure you are getting the most up to date information, give us a call, we’ll set up an appointment to discuss all your membership opportunities. 630.690.0887 x333

Q. How do I change something on my membership?
A. Kids going off to school, relocating to a new home, got a new phone number or email, upgrading your WSC membership? Simply fill out the appropriate form and submit it to a Membership Associate. For faster service, some forms are available online.

Q. How do I get started with personal training?
A. If training is your journey, then you won’t want to miss talking to Katy Miller, WSC Fitness Manager • 630.315.5341 to learn more about WSC trainers. Saw one of our awesome trainers on the floor and want to be able to ‘name drop'? Our trainers pictures and profiles are located in the club next to Studio 3.

Q. How do I get started with tennis?
A. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting into the game...Tennis is a great sport to start at any level! We offer adult and junior private and group lessons...and don’t forget about our leagues! We have several to choose from and the Pro for you! Contact Lori Mills, WSC Tennis Manager • 630.315.5386.

Q. My business is awesome! How can I connect with WSC members?
A. Join our C2 program! Promote your business and offer discounts to WSC members through this great opportunity! Contact Erik Miller630.315.5365 and share your business’s connection today!

Q. I have an idea for an event for members and guests, who do I speak to?
A. We’d love to hear from you! Contact Erik Miller, WSC Membership Director at and share your idea.

Q. When I refer a friend to join Wheaton Sport Center, do I receive anything?
A. Absolutely*! Once your friend joins and notes on their membership application that you referred them, you will receive that month’s “Refer A Friend” gift. *Some promotions do not receive referral gifts, connect with a Membership Associate for the specifics on any promotion • 630.315.5333.