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WSC High Performance Program

Wheaton Sport Center High Performance is high intensity program for players who are committed to developing their game to the highest level. Our goal is to create an environment and experience where players can combine their own desire and determination with top quality on and off court training. The program is designed to make players technically proficient, physically stronger and mentally tougher so each player can experience success, reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals. We offer developmental levels from 10 & under (utilizing the green dot ball) all the way up to national level. Our players have risen to earn USTA Chicago, Northern Illinois, Midwest and National rankings. Please join the WSC High Performance team on this fun and challenging journey to the tennis elite.


How Do We Develop An

Elite Tennis Player?

There are three critical areas that must be developed to create a well rounded tennis player with proper fundamentals and technique: technical, physical and mental. The content of our program is specifically focused on developing strength in each of these areas. Getting technically tough will take your game to new heights. Focusing on repetition of stroke and muscle memory translates into sustained rallies and proper shot selection during the points. Proper shot selection produces longer rallies and the need to be more physically fit, not only for stamina, but for injury prevention. When you feel stronger and have confidence in your ability to hit the ball correctly, you give yourself the opportunity to gain the confidence, self-esteem and discipline necessary to become mentally tough.


WSC High Performance Director

Leandro Martins, Head Tennis Professional, PTR Certified Professional: Leandro grew up as a top junior player in his home country of Brazil, and continued to compete as an adult in men's open tournaments in the United States. He has been coaching tennis since 1996 and his expertise in developing junior players. As a coach he is highly proficient in producing results, which is evident in the achievements of his students who are USTA ranked and compete at the college level.

Karl Peterson, High Performance Director: Karl is a PTR Certified Tennis Professional and has over 30 years of experience in the Chicagoland area. He has been involved in developing programs for adults, USTA and NITTL teams and Juniors that have produced many local, Midwest and nationally ranked players. Karl played tennis at the College of St. Francis and was an All-Conference, All-District and a National Championship participant. He also achieved All-Academic Honors. Karl earned his highest USTA ranking in 1993 when he was ranked #6 in the Midwest in the Mens 25 & under division. He also captained a USTA 9.0 Mixed Doubles Team to the USTA National Championships in 2006.

High Performance Levels

WSC High Performance offers 5 program levels. Players must be approved and placed by the program director prior to entrance into the program:



High Performance Program Requirements

1) Commitment - WSC High Performance is a year-round program. Players must participate in a minimum of 2 class days per week during the school year and a minimum of 10 camp days June - August. An additional day which should be a private lesson is recommended. Private coaching by one of the High Performance instructors is highly recommended. Consistent participation is essential to the development of the player.

2) Attitude - Players must have the desire, focus and motivation to work hard to accomplish their goals.

3) Sportsmanship - Sportsmanship and a high work ethic are expected when participating in any tennis event.

4) Participation - Students select their participation days prior to enrollment, and must notify the program director prior to missing class. All make-ups must be approved by the program director; it is critical to the integrity of the program that we maintain the proper pro:student:court ratios.

5) Competition - All High Performance players must actively compete in USTA tournaments and other tennis events.

6) Be on time!

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